Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A post on Wednesday???

Ever get to the point where you just want to paint everything in your house white and start over with a clean slate? yeah. thats kinda how I am feeling right now. I have in my head how I want things to look. Like something out of a magazine maybe? where everything is pristine. dustfree. doghair free. no fruit snack wrappers shoved under the couch cushions. no fingerprints on the windows. dishes always done. plenty of storage.
they must have plenty of storage~ otherwise they would have a few stray sneakers laying on the rug, a beach towel hanging over the kitchen chair, a coat hanging over the back of a chair, a few random crayons laying on a table... I have concluded this by browsing many home magazines. ;)
I'm thinking a very light powder blue for my bedroom. a buttery yellow for the kitchen. a creamy white for the schoolroom (that room is SO dark). white for the livingroom...
HH will not be on board for any of these changes. I know it. He likes the more natural colors... deep greens, browns, tans, dark blues...
It was a very very very long winter. so many days without sunshine. without light. I felt like these walls were closing in on me. So I am thinking that if I make the INSIDE of my house summer all year long, then the winters won't be so hard for me...?
Whatchya' think? think it would work? I have a ton of ideas in my head. Now to make them actually work in real life. Do you think white couches would be a total impossibilty with 5 children and a dog? yeah. I'm thinking so too. Maybe slip covers would work? at least then I can throw them in the wash and bleach the daylights out of them... I invision bright, airy rooms with plenty of sunshine (and if its not really shining at least the bright rooms would make it easier for me to pretend)!!
can you hear a slight desperation in my writing? yeah. it was a very very long dreary winter. and you know me. I need my happy drug. and winters here, you can go a week or more without seeing it. then I get crabby. very crabby. and my creative juices die. its not a good thing.
I'll let you know how this goes over with HH... maybe I'll start posting pictures around the house of bright airy rooms. thats what I'll do! I'll rip pages out of my magazines and post them on the kitchen walls, the porch walls, the livingroom, the bedroom.... yep. think he'll even notice? ;) probably not. but then I can say, all innocently and all, "but Honey, I had all the pics posted on the walls of what I wanted to do. you never said you DIDN"T like it." ;) think that'll work? yeah. I'm not thinking so either.

what a great segway into my newest list of 10 ;)

10 redecorating ideas:

1~ re paint in bright airy colors
2~ slipcovers for couches
3~ curtains, blues, yellows, ect
4~ new flooring!! hardwood? (a girl can dream right?)
5~ light colored rugs
6~ quilt for my bed... pastels!
7~ fresh flowers! in all rooms!
8~ put undercabinet lights in kitchen
9~ take off panelling in bathroom and paint!
10~ sand down desk in livingroom and paint WHITE!

*sidenote~ Beans just read this post, wrinkled her nose, looked at Mouth and said, "she wants to turn our house into a girly house." :P I guess I have my work cut out for me.

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Danielle said...

You know I have these thoughts, too! :) I say we pick something small to start with and just do it. I was going to paint my living room and dining room before Eli got home and didn't, but he's leaving again. ;)