Sunday, May 22, 2011

His name is Frankie

We are driving home from church this morning. the girls are all giggling in the back seat. and looking around. and giggling some more. Finally HH turns and looks at them and says, "WHAT is going on?!?" 'I can't find FRANKIE!!!' says Mouth. "Who's Frankie?" I ask. 'Ummm, my baby turtle?' she answers...

We find out that she had smuggled a turtle into her room. last week. and has had it in her bedroom. in a bucket/aquarium. she decided to bring it to church this morning. in her purse. she played with Frankie during SS. She thought Frankie had climbed out of her purse during the service (thankfully she was wrong, but here was some frantic searching going on for a bit).

So we had to make a slight detour and let poor little Frankie out of Mouth's purse and into a nice little pond. were he will be MUCH happier.

I must say. Frankie was the cutest little baby turtle I have ever seen. And Mouth was very upset when we made her let Frankie go in his new habitat. And yes, and I did check her hands and purse to make sure she wasn't hiding any more baby turtles in her purse. *note to self, make daily checks in Mouths room for turtle and frogs and salamanders* but seriously? when do they grow out of this stage? cuz its been going on with Mouth since she was 2!!!

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