Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's Your Sign

We were walking out of WalMart. HH and I. We had picked up 2 rakes (cheap rakes, the BP likes to break rakes). As we are walking around in the store a man comments, "fun. looks like someone is doing yard work". hmmm, yes we are, what was your first clue? (I did not say this out loud to the man, see, there's that darn filter). We get up to the register to pay. A man laughs and says, "someone has a busy week ahead of them!! yard work!" ding ding ding ding!!! the man deserves an award!! how in the world would he know that we are going to be doing yardwork? wow, he must be pyschic!! again I did not say this to the man. I said it under my breath to HH and he started cracking up. So we walk out to the truck. We are almost to the truck. almost home free. when a man walks by and says, VERY loudly, " Oh!! someones doing yard work this week!! Sounds like fun!" I turn and look at HH and he says (to me), " Nooo! we aren't going to do any yardwork. what gives EVERYONE the idea that we would be planning on doing YARDWORK?" and why would we need everyone to point out to us that we must be planning on raking? duh~ thats what rakes are for, right? Everyone is an idiot. Here's your sign.

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Danielle said...

Hilarious! I think that, too, sometimes: Here's your sign. lol